Allergy– it’s in the air, quite literally. If you are prone to allergies in a particular season or throughout the year, identifying the trigger would be the first step to prevent further complications. And this is where home allergy tests come into the picture.

The home allergy test kits are designed to understand whether or not you are allergic to a certain substance. However, they cannot replace actual medical supervision, and may not always prove to be accurate. But if you’re looking for a temporary diagnosis, an at-home test can help determine the allergens, so you will be better equipped for your doctor’s appointment.

We have shortlisted 5 home allergy tests based on overall user experience, price points, and reliability of the laboratory.

1.imaware IgE Allergy Test

Designed to test 28 food allergies and 40 respiratory allergens, this test kit measures a person’s IgE. The kit includes the necessary instructions and equipment required to conduct the test. After taking the finger prick sample, you have to mail it back, and you will get the results in a week. The samples are tested at CLIA certified labs in the US and reviewed by an expert physician.


Going by the user reviews, the test is quite easy to conduct at home and provides pretty much accurate results. However, this test cannot determine whether you are allergic to any specific type of allergen.


This test is suitable for those suffering from allergies induced by animals, insects, indoors, outdoors, or food.


Price: $299

2. TestMyAllergy

This at-home allergy test kit is based on ELISA testing technology. It analyzes IgE and Ig4 blood samples for 70 common allergens and items causing intolerance, including different types of cheese, wheat, egg, vegetables, and pollen.


This test is suitable for those who suffer from allergic symptoms such as migraines, skin rash, watery eyes, etc. You can order the kit online, and you will receive the results in 7 business days.


TestMyAllergy also offers a unique pet allergy test kit that can be used for cats, dogs, and horses to identify if they are allergic to 30 common food items. This test can be done using the fur sample of the animal.


All the tests are conducted at TestMyAllergy’s  ISO 9001:2015 accredited laboratories, and the results are reviewed by a microbiologist.


Price: $199

3. Everlywell

The Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test by Everlywell tests IgE samples for 40 different allergens. The all-inclusive kit comes with the necessary instructions and the tools required for conducting the test. You have to prick your finger using a pin and send the samples for testing.


The test will inform you about your IgE reactivity ranging from very low to very high. If symptoms such as sneezing, itchy throat, watery eyes, etc. are bothering you, this test will help you identify the possible allergens, both inside and outside the house, including dust mites, trees, grass, animals, and so on.


The samples are tested at CLIA-certified laboratories, and the reports are reviewed by a board-certified expert physician in the respective states. What’s unique about Everlywell’s reports is that they are easy to comprehend, and provide you with a plan of action to follow to take better care of your health.


Price: $199

4. HealthLabs Seasonal Allergen Testing

Certain allergy symptoms persist all throughout the year, while some last only for a season. offers different allergy panels for spring, summer, fall, and year-round allergies. The panels test your samples for 12, 10, 13, and 19 common allergens, respectively.


For these tests, your blood samples will be drawn in a laboratory. There is no skin pricking involved, so there won’t be any unwanted allergic reaction. The samples are tested in any one of the 4500 CLIA-certified labs that have collaborated with HealthLabs, and you get the results within 1-2 business days.


Price: $159 onwards

5. AccesaLabs Mold Allergy Test

This test measures your antibody reaction to 5 common types of mold. If you are experiencing symptoms such as watery eyes, runny nose, and uneasy breathing, conducting this test will let you know whether you’re allergic to mold or not.


Mold can be present pretty much everywhere, be it at home or outside. To conduct the test, you have to order it online, and visit the lab for submitting the blood sample.


This test is different from the skin prick test and doesn’t result in any allergic reactions after conducting the test. You will receive the results within 4 business days.


Price: $350


After you have tested yourself using a home testing kit, you can refer to a licensed physician to provide you with an actionable plan. The test will give you a brief idea about the possible allergens, so you can be more careful to stay away from them, to prevent any irritation or serious symptoms.